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A Noetic Balance works with images, concepts about ourselves and life that all of us humans have stored in the layers of the field of energy around the body at the levels Physical, Emotional and Mental-Spiritual . By a gentle and compassionate dialogue with the practitioner, the person receiving the Noetic Balance, can identify beliefs that they once adopted that no longer serve or protect them and because their energy is available to undertake other possibilities, those traits become limiting, restricting, unsupportive or simply do not allow the expression that the person is worthy of having. 

Then we harmonize and redirect the energy.  

The Testimonials below are a good example of what clients obtain in a natural, 

realistically reflective and compassionate session. 

The Counseling I offer is based on my studies and practice as Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) on multidimensionality, clearing, purpose and self-paced transformation, always to greater happiness and wellbeing. 


  • Noetic Balance Physical | Emotional | Mental-Spiritual

  • Advice In-Person | by Phone | Online via zoom

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What our clients are saying

(Oct 20, 2020) Simon Torres, Los Angeles, California,  said:

A magnificent experience!

A deeper look into those patterns and beliefs that sometimes are ingrained in our conscience and that can often run our lives.

Happy to have had the opportunity to clear, forgive and heal with Silvia's support.

Una experiencia magnifica!

Una mirada profunda a esos patrones y creencias arraigadas a nuestra conciencia que muchas veces pueden llegar a manejar nuestras vidas.

Dichoso de haber tenido la oportunidad de aclarar, perdonar y sanar con el apoyo de Silvia.

(Oct 12, 2020) Heather Hu, Canada said:

Wow! I just had my second noetic balancing, and it was with Sylvia. She was awesome. I knew right away when she told me about it, that i wanted one, We did it remotely, via Zoom. I felt like Sylvia was right in the room with me (she was, actually). Her manner is very loving, caring, professional, respectful and direct. Sylvia definitely carries a strong Light, i would call it the Christ energy. The session had so much depth! I look forward to doing this again. Highly recommend! 10 stars! A wonderful gift for yourself or anyone else for that matter.

(Oct 12, 2020) Win Hampton, Montana, USA, Coach, Counselor. said:

Sylvia is amazing, she has a way of connecting with so much loving and caring and finding the deep issue and then facilitating the healing! The best!

(July 31, 2020) PB, MD said:

I am so appreciative of our time together. You covered topics with caring concern and laser-accurate questions about what could be or could have been going on ... that created deep healing. My wife commented about how different I looked when she saw me next

(July 31, 2020) Diane Botticelli said:

The balancing was an experience of clearing deeper patterns. I felt gently held by Sylvia during the beautiful process.

(July 31, 2020) Jennifer Johnson, Los Angeles, CA, Fundraiser, said:

I have worked with Sylvia before and I was amazed and inspired by her compassion. Sylvia is both kind and professional and always left me being better than before. I highly recommend her.

(July 31, 2020) VZ - Miami, FL. Graphic Design & Media Developer said:

When we started the session, I was not sure what to expect, but as we worked through it, I began to feel stronger, courageous, assertive and more confident. After several weeks, I can say that my consciousness is more aware of the situations that are present.

(July 31, 2020) HO, Long Beach, CA - Self Growth Seminars Volunteer, said:

I feel lighter and optimistic as if things are naturally easier.

(July 31, 2020) EMS - Mendoza, Argentina, said:

During the Balance, I realized that I do some things out of fear of not being loved. The day after I dared to talk very lovingly to a friend to explain I would no longer be available to do some things for her. She understood! I feel very energized.

(July 31, 2020) HP - Professor of Mathematics, Los Angeles City College, CA, said:

Right after my balance, I met a dear person I had not talked to for a long time, and we had a long and profound conversation. Later on, I felt so fulfilled that I decided to go to the Hollywood Bowl for a sing along concert. I have an auditory condition and I had been avoiding attending concerts as well as singing, which I love to do. At the concert, I found myself singing with all my heart, and feeling free and joyful; this was huge for me and I attribute it to the balance.

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