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During the Noetic Balance - developed by Dr. Robert D. Waterman, EdD, LPCC, Founder and President Emeritus of Southwestern College - I engage with the unbalances or blocks in the fields of energy that hold reactive judgment, constructed or adopted beliefs in response to challenging or traumatic events or the client's life history, that has modeled how they perceive, what they see, what things mean to them,  how they react, respond and make their choices and how life responds to them - so they can reconcile or change them, accessing greater possibilities for their greater good. 
My Counseling is based on my studies and practice as Doctor of Spiritual Science. It combines ancient knowledge and modern techniques from a spiritual multidimensional perspective as in Dr  John-Roger, DSS teachings, so the client can stop the cycle and reactiveness of cause and effect to hold the conscience of their truth and their whole, loving, joyful and undivided self.


I am a Noetic Balancer Practitioner, Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certified, Post-Graduate Advanced Ministerial Advisor and I have done studies on resonance, the alignment of heart and mind and the healing power of the heart.

"By accessing the noetic field and my multidimensional true self, I can bring greater possibilities, more certainty and positive responses into my everyday life." - S.G.

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Service Prices

Prices are in $ USDollars
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Noetic Balance


50 Minute to 1 hr Session

50 Minute to 1 hr Session

Counseling Session


50 Minute to 1 hr Session

50 Minute to 1 hr Session

Additional Minutes


Per Minute

Minutes at $2 .50 per Minute

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